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Ingham County Health Department provides the following services: AIDS Counseling and Testing, Blood Pressure Testing, Children's Special Health Care, Dental Clinic, Food Bank, Immunizations, Lead Prevention & Control, Medical Examiner, Prenatal Clinic, Teen Services (Willow Plaza), Venereal Disease (STD) Clinic, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Adult Health Services, AIDS Information, Breast & Cervical Cancer Control, Vision and Hearing Screening, and Women's Health Services.

The Adult Health Center provides AIDS Counseling and Testing or primary medical care for low income Ingham County residents. Eligible residents must be over 18 years of age and area residents who are Medicaid eligible. It staff contains A Family Nurse Practitioner, Internal Medicine Physician, Nurse Assessors, Clinic Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Clerical. They all contribute to the care for acute and chronic conditions. Most services are done in the room, the staff moves around-the patients don't. The staff implemented a communication system with radios to increase efficiency and better serve patients.

The Dental Clinic serves the low income residents of Ingham County. The dental staff of licensed dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants provide routine care such as cleanings, fillings, and extractions. The clinic also serves people needing dentures or partial dentures. The new Healthy Smiles Center also forms part of the Dental Clinic and provides services for Medicaid eligible children. Some children are referred and treated by the areas Periodontist with a small United Way grant.

The Ingham County Food Bank provides nutritionally balanced emergency food packages to families. This Food Bank consists of 27 emergency food providers. They serve the working, elderly, disabled, children, public assistance clients, and those with no income by providing them from overnight to six days worth of non-perishable groceries once in a 30-day period. In 2000, a total of 17,340 families or 52,516 individuals received emergency food. Of those individuals served, 49% were children and 43% of the families were working. The homeless are assisted by being provided with "homeless packs" or "motel packs". Baby Formula is handed out to those who are the basis of emergency need.

Contact information:

Ingham County Health Department,
5303 S. Cedar,
Lansing, MI. 48909.
Phone: (517) 887-4300.
Fax: (517) 887-4310.


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